Proxmox WHMCS module v1.3.4 is out

Modules Factory is pleased to announce the release of  Proxmox WHMCS module version 1.3.4 today with Great New Features that customers were waiting for:

• Client Area: NoVNC support for kvm and openvz (PVE 3.3 and above). 
• OpenVZ Template: Friendly names for openvz ISOs in OS Template custom field.
• OpenVZ Template: Auto Backup Mode support (Snapshot, Suspend, Stop).
• OpenVZ : Ability to add TAP/Tun Adapter for VPN support.
• Product Setup: Ability to delete VPS backups on service termination.
• Server Setup: Allow using diff ssh port.
• Client Area: Ability to control the Statistics Time Interval.
• Client Area: Manual Backup mode support.
• Client Area: Usage of ticket id authentication in vnc.

more info: Change Log 

Modules Factory.

Friday, May 22, 2015

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