Proxmox WHMCS module v1.3.4.5 is out

Modules Factory is pleased to announce the release of  Proxmox WHMCS module version today with Great New Features that customers were waiting for:

  • Support WHMCS service domain change to VM name when set to default with manual provisioning and auto provisioning . /addons/proxmox/pages/main.php
  • Support WHMCS service domain change to VM name in clientarea change name page. /servers/proxmox/proxmox.php
  • Tolerance to SSH latency on slow networks /servers/proxmox/ssh_class.php
  • show the max backup size allowed in backup page. /servers/proxmox/proxmox.php
  • show action complete on start/stop in clientare /servers/proxmox/proxmox.php /servers/proxmox/clientmain.tpl
  • Control users ability to stop/start/console setting in product settings. /servers/proxmox/proxmox.php /servers/proxmox/clientmain.tpl
  • Prevent users from mounting cdrom on hdd port in clientarea /servers/proxmox/proxmox.php
  • Auto scripts support. /servers/proxmox/proxmox.php /servers/proxmox/ssh_class.php /addons/proxmox/main.php /addons/proxmox/lang
  • novnc stability fixes.

more info: Change Log 

Modules Factory.

Friday, July 24, 2015

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