WHMCS Proxmox Cloud Module Change Log

*v1.0.2* (4th of March 2017)
New Features
 •  Provisioning: : Support for OVH MAC to IP Mapping.
 •  IP Provisioning: : Support for DHCP.
 •  Pools : Gateway, subnet and mapping of MACP to IP migrated to ip pools setup.
Bug Fixes/Enhancements
 •  Clientarea: Provisoning options not showing correctly in some cases.
 •  Clientarea Template: Graphics fixes.
 •  Provisioning: Assigned IP not showing under Pool assigned list.
Updated/New Files
 •  /modules/servers/proxmoxcloud/proxmoxcloud.php
 •  /modules/servers/proxmoxcloud/ssh_class.php
 •  /modules/servers/proxmoxcloud/clientmain.tpl
 •  /modules/servers/proxmoxcloud/vmmain.tpl
 •  /modules/addons/proxmoxcloud/proxmoxcloud.php
 •  /modules/addons/proxmoxcloud/pages/main.php
 •  /modules/addons/proxmoxcloud/pages/operations.php
v1.0 (30th Nov 2016)
Official Release

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