WHMCS Proxmox Cloud Provisioning Module *v1.0.2*


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General Features:
Proxmox VE Version 2.x/v3.x/4.x
WHMCS 5.x/6.x/7.x
Cluster Nodes Unlimited
Fully Automated  
VPS Configuration Profiles for Automation  
Auto Discover for nodes import into WHMCS  
ClientArea Control Center to create VPS, manage and delete.  
Monthly Bandwidth Limitation  
Control Maximum number of VMs, IPs, Rams, CPU, Bandwidth, Backups, SWAP per product.  
Addon Resources Bundles for Space, Ram, CPU, IPs, Swap and Bandwidth  
IPv4/v6 Pools  
KVM, Openvz, LXC and KVM Templates Support  
Custom Scripts  
Backup and Restore  
Choose to offer Fixed Resources or Sell Memory,Disk Space, Bandwidth, IP, Backups and Swap Separately while ordering  
Multi-Language Support  
Admin Area Features:
Support Disk Space,Memory,CPU, Bandwidth and Swap Configoptions  
Support WHMCS Server Clustering  
Control Client Area Features  
Control VM User Privilege  
Email Templates  
Client Area Features:
Operate VM ( From inside or outside WHMCS)
  • Start/Stop VM
  • Suspend/Resume/Reload VM
Resources Available/Used Statistics  
Create/Manage/Delete VPS  
Access VM Console  
NoVNC support  
Proxmox User (Limited to his VMs)  
Configure Network  
Configure Boot Order  
Manage Media  
Reset Password  
View VM Statistic,Status and Graphs  
Buy More Disk Space, backups, IPs and Memory (Resources Addon)  
Create/Manage Backups and Restore  

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